Helpdesk, AI & HR Consultancy


We provide Helpdesk facilities as your first point of contact for customers, and support admin services for your employees. We assess the type of support services you need, provide a dedicated project manager and team, and craft a knowledge-base and FAQs for daily use.

AI Consultancy

Your business is as good as its systems, processes and customer service. We conduct a thorough analysis to identify areas where AI can have the most meaningful effect, including digitising your operations and automating your processes

HR Consultancy

We have a team of dedicated Human Resources professionals who support you researching and identifying issues, and provide advice and recommendations for resolving daily HR challenges.

Why Use Us?

We have found that customers and businesses alike

prefer subscription models, because they provide a great balance of price versus value.

The value is that you get the convenience

of automatically having the service when you need it.

The cost benefit is that you get the service at a fixed cost

which is more cost effective than additional employees, as well as getting immediate access to upgrades and new features as they come

Ready to Streamline?

To make sure that we maintain the very highest standards, we only take on 2-3 clients every quarter.